Care & Maintenance



The steels and materials used in our knives are selected for their performance and beauty. Some knives are more utilitarian, some are more showpiece! All are designed for use. With a little care and attention , your FEY blade will give you a lifetime of use. Keep your blade dry, give it an occasional layer of oil (we recommend Camelia oil). And always hand-wash when required. The use of a DISHWASHER will immediately void your warranty and make our Bladesmith very unhappy.....

If your knife has a black coffee-etch oxidised finish, you can give the blade a coat of wax. Of course, be careful when applying wax near a sharp edge...


If a patina coat appears, don't panic! this is perfectly normal for steels with a high carbon content. The patina will normally be a dull dark grey/blueish colour and will not affect the performance of your blade. Us at FEY think that each knife should tell a story and be unique, the patina helps with the narrative! However if you spot rust and want to remove it, use very fine wire wool or a high grit abrasive paper with a little oil.


Touch up your edge before a full sharpen is necessary. Little and often is the FEY way... A leather strop with some silicon compound, and keep a small ceramic stone handy. These items can do 90% of your sharpening. Don't use a knife steel and avoid automatic or mechanical sharpening device. These tend to use very rough grits and will ruin your edge.

The internet has endless resources. There is joy to be had in learning the art of sharpening a knife. Invest in a Japanese sharpening stone, practice and it will be a skill for life.


If you have purchased a FEY blade with a hardwood handle scale, keep it topped up with boiled linseed oil and wax. They say once a day for a week, then once a week for a year. Your knife will come oiled and waxed. Just keep it up as often as you think it needs. Once a year will be fine.


We would love to to see how our knives are doing, so we are happy to offer a free annual check up and sharpening service. All we ask is you cover the postage.

However there are some exception (always are)... Prying, using the blade as a screwdriver or any other unreasonable use will make us sad. This will also void our lifetime warranty. Your FEY blade is a fine edge cutting tool. While some of the activities it has been tested for have been extreme, this is to replicate emergency scenarios and to test the materials and the edge geometry to its limit, and will not fall under what the maker deems "fair wear and tear".....

If your FEY blade comes with a glass breaker, please be aware that this will not break toughened or reinforced glass, and will not be covered against damage caused as a result.


Now for the serious bit. We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all FEY blade. The lifetime being that of the Bladesmith. This warranty does not cover defects due to normal wear and tear, resharpening the blade, damage due to neglect misuse, lack of normal or necessary maintenance, alteration or disassembly of the knife by any third party or negligence. Do not use your blade as a screwdriver, prybar, chisel or punch. Do not throw your blade or use it for any other purpose other than cutting. Do not use your knife on a power grinding wheel. Any of these acts will void your warranty

Warranty applies to original purchaser and not to any resales.

If you have question, please get in touch